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Frequently Asked Questions


Q - What type of vehicles can Seward’s repair?

A – Any make or model of cars and light commercial vehicles (upto LWB, High-top Transits).

Q – How and when do I pay my excess?

A – We will notify you of your excess amount when your vehicle is booked in for repair, the full amount must be paid when the repair is completed and your vehicle is due for collection.

Q – Am I entitled to a courtesy car?

A – In most cases we are directed by our work providers, please contact your insurance company or broker whom will advise.

Q – How long will my vehicle take to repair?

A – Repairs can take anything from a day to weeks. A number of aspects can effect the repair duration including availability of parts, insurer authorisation and the extent of the damage. Once we have assessed your vehicle we will be able to give an estimated repair schedule.

Q – How do I know Seward’s will repair my vehicle to a certain standard?

A – Seward’s are currently going through the process of achieving the PAS125 British Standards Kitemark across all eight of it’s repair centres. This will guarantee your vehicle has been repaired to the highest standard possible. Take a look at our PAS125 page by clicking on the kitemark logo on our home page for more information.

Q -  My car is still quite new and under warranty, shouldn’t I take it to my dealership?

A – No, Seward’s technicians are highly skilled and constantly updated with repair methodology on all makes and models of vehicles. We only use ‘genuine manufacturer parts’ to ensure the warranty remains validated unless directed otherwise by your insurance company.

Q – Will my vehicle be valeted before it is returned?

A – Yes, but it is not a full valet service. We are instructed by your insurance company to vacuum your vehicle and wash the outside before it is returned.

Q – Would you be able to repair any other damage that is unrelated to the accident?

A – Yes, as the vehicle is already booked into our repair centre it would be logical to have any other dents or scratches repaired at the same time. Please ask our estimators who will be happy to provide you with a competitive quote.

Q – Who insurers the courtesy car?

A – You do. In most cases your insurance will transfer automatically onto our courtesy vehicle, we would suggest you check your insurance policy to confirm this. In the event of an accident while driving our courtesy car, you will be responsible for any excesses as dictated by your policy.

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