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About Us

•  Company History

•  Customer Care Charter

•  Environmental Policy Statement

•  Group Health and Safety Statement

Company History

In April 1989 a partnership was formed between Ian Clark, Kevin Clark, and Paul Marden to purchase a Dealership site in Highcliffe, Dorset. On this site was attached a small Accident Repair Centre with an annual turnover of £300,000 and seven staff.

Paul Marden and Ian Clark were appointed joint Managing Directors to control and expand the Accident Repair division along the South Coast into Hampshire and Sussex.

The companies’ excellent reputation for customer service and the commitment of the Directors and staff has enabled the Company to expand and gain recognition as one of the leading Accident Repair Groups in the UK.

The Seward Accident Repair Group now have a turnover of circa £16,000,000, employ 220 staff and repair 15,000 vehicles a year covering the areas of Poole, Bournemouth, Southampton, Portsmouth and Brighton.

Due to our excellent working relationship with major Insurance Companies and Accident Management Companies Seward are committed to continuing their growth and enhancing the reputation of the Company.

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Customer Care Charter

Seward Accident Repair Centres desire all their customers to be happy with the service they receive. We want customers to help us deliver on our main objectives and to fulfil our mission statement:

“To work in conjunction with our work providers to deliver exemplary levels of service to all customers without exception”

What are our Customer Care Standards?

All staff should apply our Customer Care Standards.

Every time a Customer makes contact with us, or we make contact with them, we should apply the following principles.

In GENERAL we will:

Be polite, courteous and respectful to all our customers.

Treat our customers according to their needs.

Listen and do our best to help customers.

Aim to get queries right first time.

Not accept abusive or aggressive behaviour towards staff

In our OFFICES we will:

Display our office opening times outside all offices.

Give an emergency recovery contact number for when we are closed.

Have staff that are helpful and knowledgeable to advise customers.

Make sure that our offices are welcoming.

Provide a private room so customers can speak to staff in confidence.

On the TELEPHONE we will:

Aim to answer the telephone within 5 rings.

Be polite and courteous

Aim to respond to telephone messages within 2 hours.

Give our names when we answer the telephone

Take messages for colleagues who are not in.

Provide customers with updates every 3 days if requested.

When responding to CORRESPONDENCE we will:

Acknowledge letters within 5 working days.

Aim to resolve complaints within 10 working days or explain why we cannot do this.

Follow up suggestions and use them where we can.

Monitor complaints and learn from our mistakes.

If you book an APPOINTMENT we will:

Make an appointment for you when you request one.

Aim to make appointments at times that suit you.

Tell you as early as possible if we cannot keep an appointment.

Arrange for a home visit if you want one.


Aim to see you within 5 minutes if you have an appointment.

Aim to see you within 15 minutes if you do not have an appointment.


Be on time, or if we are running late telephone to let you know.

Show identification.

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Environmental Policy Statement

SEWARD ARC is committed to the ecologically sound and sustainable use of resources and strives to operate in a manner which minimises waste and protects the environment.  Accordingly:

• All SEWARD ARC operations are to comply with statutory requirements.  Any statutory requirements are minimum standards to be exceeded where management considers it necessary and practical.

• SEWARD ARC will regularly monitor its environmental performance and ensure that the support functions exist to effectively maintain and improve environmental standards.

• Environmental care is of equal importance to every other facet of SEWARD ARC management and operation.

• SEWARD ARC will continue to promote individual commitment to safe and environmentally responsible behaviour through the training, educating and informing all staff.

It is recognised that the success of this environmental policy ultimately lies with the commitment and dedication of all SEWARD ARC employees.  Accordingly, management at all levels is to actively encourage the implementation of these broad principles in their area of business activity and ensure that the environmental management procedures of SEWARD ARC are observed.

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Group Health and Safety Statement

SEWARD ARC is fully committed to providing a healthy and safe working environment for its employees and anyone else involved in its work activities, and will take all reasonably practical steps to provide and maintain safe systems of work throughout all of its undertakings. We will strive to achieve continuous improvements in health and safety performance so as to contribute to the well-being of our employees and the overall efficiency and profitability of the organisation.

SEWARD ARC considers that health and safety should be an integral component of all management systems and that meaningful communication and co-operation between management and employees is essential for the achievement of the highest standards in health and safety at work.

It is accepted that ultimate responsibility lies with the Board of Directors. However, the company’s disposition is such that the planning, organisation, control and monitoring of health and safety are delegated to the Group Process Manager, Regional Directors and Site Managers, with specialist advice being made available where necessary. The Directors and Managers of each region or site are required to:-

• Establish and maintain a workplace which is, so far as is reasonably practical, healthy and safe to ensure that employees, visitors and the environment are not exposed to risks arising from business activities.

• Provide employees with adequate supervision, information and training so that they are aware of workplace hazards, know the importance of reporting or eliminating hazards and can fulfil their duties safely without risk to themselves, their colleagues or anyone else affected by work activities.

• Consult with employees on matters affecting their health and safety and encourage them to bring to the attention of management any proposals for the improvement of health and safety standards.

• Ensure adequate records are maintained with regard to: risk assessments, employee training, work equipment inspections and fire procedures, and that these are readily available for inspection by enforcing authority officials.

• Ensure that continual attention is paid to the provision of health and safety information, supervision and training for all employees.

SEWARD ARC firmly believes that a progressive improvement in health and safety standards can only be achieved through a constant development, implementation and review of health and safety policies and procedures. A healthy and safe workplace, however, will only exist if employees accept responsibility for their own health and safety and for the health and safety of other persons who may be affected by their work activities. We should all work as a team to raise awareness of the need for health and safety at work and to ensure that health and safety procedures and policies are followed.

SEWARD ARC Is committed to making sure that the activities of the company are safe for employees and non-employees. The company will do all that is reasonably practicable to ensure a safe and healthy working environment and safe working methods.

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